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Zodiac Sign Scented Candles
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    We present our curated collection of Zodiac Signs Scented Candles, crafted with natural vegetable wax and fragrance. Surprise your loved ones with these zodiac sign candles that match and mirror their personalities and tastes. They are presented in the theme of twelve constellations and there is a candle for every zodiac sign.

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These soy wax candles are inspired by astrology and created to celebrate your zodiac sign. The natural scents of the candles fill your senses with a fragrance that takes you on a mystical inner journey of self-realization. In that moment of reflection when you take in the sweet scents, you re-discover everything that you have experienced and sense everything that is about to come. When creating these hand-poured soy wax candles, the maker chose aromas and colors that appeal to each zodiac sign. Each of the 12 unique fragrances is designed to attract the distinct individual personalities associated with its equivalent astrological sign. Each candle jar lid has an electroplated surface embedded with blue crystals. 

Buy these handmade candles for yourself or give them to someone you love. 

I Ordered This as a Gift for my Best Friend! And She Loved It!!!! It has a very calming scent and the packaging of the product was also great! Thank You TPIF! Highly Recommended!