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The Changing Trends of Indian Weddings

Meta Description: Modern Indian weddings have become synonymous with wedding themes. Perfect Impression Factory realises wedding dreams through trendy themes, trousseau and uber-cool wedding gifts.


Indian weddings are always about pomp, large gatherings, vibrant colours, lively celebrations, delicious food, and throbbing music (aside from infamous vexed Jijas and Fupas). People worldwide dream of attending one, and Indians usually go out of their way to have one!


Time is changing, and so is how modern Indians tie the knot. The new-age Indian weddings are an amalgamation of traditions, culture, and new norms to make it all pragmatic. The red-hot Indian wedding trends include - theme-based weddings, personalised wedding gifts, wedding trousseau, excellent food menu, cocktail drinks, and foot-tapping music.


So, if you have decided to taste 'Shaadi ka Laddu', The Perfect Impressions Factory® is your go-to buddy for Wedding decor ideas and wedding-theme setup. TPIF is an expert in theme-based planning, especially trousseau, table set up and personalised wedding gift ideas. Before you get in touch with us, let us look at how Indian weddings are changing.

 Here is how Indian Weddings are changing in 5 ways-


1.       Wedding Themes


Young Indians are fascinated with theme-based weddings. Everybody dreams of a fairy-tale wedding, and theme-based weddings help realise those dreams. Themes such as Bollywood weddings, Vintage themes, Rajasthani themes and Beach weddings are in vogue now.

        Vintage Travellers

The Vintage Wedding theme is a much-preferred theme among young couples. In the Vintage Traveller theme, the backdrop can be set on the nautical theme with decor using pearls, carnations, boats and aeroplane fillers across the venue, map print scarf, and passport holders. The guests can be bestowed with presents in suitcase gift boxes to complement the vintage traveller theme.

     Bollywood Style

Bollywood-style weddings allow the couple to celebrate their special day as stars. It is a way to mark your special day with the action, drama, and romance of Bollywood movies we have all grown up on. Bollywood-theme weddings are decorated with star lightboxes, reel ribbons, vanity trays, carnations, etc. In keeping with the glamour and glitz of Bollywood, Bollywood theme entrances, Movie special menus, filmy photo-booth, and flimy themed luxury gifts go perfectly with this theme.

        Whimsical Wedding Theme

Whimsical wedding themes are unconventional and non-restrictive, allowing you to make a statement without being put into a box. A couple can fulfil all their heart's desires by incorporating all the elements that bring them joy. Whimsical weddings allow you to outshine yourself through the whimsical decor. To make the most of this theme, one can use details such as Carnations, Ribbons, Jute Ropes & Ribbons, Fancy Nets, etc. The possibilities are endless, and The Perfect Impressions Factory is there to be your wedding consultant to make every detail exquisite.

2.       Music, Decor and Bar

Indian customs include traditional and folk songs for various functions of marriage. But, with time, contemporary songs are overtaking the traditional ones (but songs like baharo Phool barsao.. & babul ki duaen leti jaa are irreplaceable). Functions like the Haldi & Mehndi and Vidai ceremonies feature traditional folk music. At the same time, music in baraat, DJ night, and post-wedding parties include a good mix of Bollywood hits, trans and EDM.


Wedding decor is the way to express your personality and fulfil wedding decor dreams. Traditionally, mango leaves, banana leaves were used along with jasmine, roses, and marigold flowers. But, now the choices in terms of elements, flowers, petals, ribbons, nets, colour combinations, etc., are enormous. Because most weddings are centred around themes, the decor reflects the same.


The modern couple has already ditched the cliche drinks offered at their wedding. Wine, Whisky, and margaritas are becoming the obvious options for modern-day weddings. In grand weddings, champagne fountains become an element of royalty and pomp. The variety of mocktail and cocktail drinks has become a trend in Indian weddings.


3.       Food Options


The menus in Indian weddings are going global nowadays. Most marriages in metro cities incorporate an array of Indian and non-Indian dishes to delight the family & friends. Caterers are increasingly hiring cuisine-specific experts. In destination weddings, it is becoming a norm to source ingredients from the home state of the dish, thus ensuring authenticity. Another important aspect people often consider these days is a healthy and nutritious food. So, menu options are getting grand and healthier with the right mix of traditional delicacies.


4.       Wedding Gifts


Indian weddings are incomplete without the exchange of gifts. Traditional gifts include wedding trousseau, engagement trousseau, gold or pearl jewellery, Luxury Gifts, Dry fruits, sweets, etc. Since personalised gifts can connect better with guests, the trend of personalised gifts is growing. Couples prefer theme-based gifting as return gifts to suit the overall theme of the wedding.


If you are looking for customised gifts for the wedding, we at the Perfect Impressions Factory have different gift options fit for the occasion. TPIF is committed to providing sophisticated and trendy gifts for the bride and groom's trousseau, as well as for the return gifts of guests.


5.       Conscious Wedding

The couples are consciously planning their wedding to minimise the carbon footprint by limiting guests & functions and using an environmentally friendly approach. In recent years the trend of digital invites, opting for sustainable decor items, going plastic-free, and curating healthy goodies in hampers is increasing, which is commendable.



Indian weddings may change to any degree, but how weddings bring families closer, make everyone happy and present a new life to the couples is never going to change. We wish every couple tons of best wishes for a lovely future.


Connect with TPIF for trousseau's, engagement & wedding return gifts, and to discuss themes and ideas for your special occasions.


We are also exceptional Wedding Consultants on distinct themes for to-be-wed couples. We also provide our expertise to Wedding Planners on intricate decor for Table Set-Ups, Centrepieces for all rituals like-ring ceremonies, Tikka ceremonies, Dupatta ceremonies for to-be brides, and Kangana/Chuda ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, Sindur rituals, Mangalsutra ceremony and cake cutting ceremony.

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