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LED Mouse Pad
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Electronic Ruler
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Smart Diary-A1 (Black)
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Retractable Dog Leash
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DIY Caliper Display Stand
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22 September 2022
The Changing Trends of Indian Weddings
Indian weddings are always about pomp, large gatherings, vibrant colours, lively celebrations, delicious food, and throbbing music (aside from infamous vexed Jijas and Fupas). People worldwide dream of attending one, and Indians usually go out of their way to have one!
Client Testimonials

Diwali time is gifting time and this year I had decided to show my gratitude towards my BNI family. Normally gifting companies take Diwali gifting order atleast a month in advance and I approached Renuka only a week before. She still gave me a very good option from her Gadgets ka Pitara and something that would be in my budget. This just goes to show the variety of gadget products that she has and that too as per a persons budget. I wish Renuka Lewis all the best and exponential growth in her business.

Anand A. Pande

Thanks to TPIF I was able to make my Loved ones Birthday very special! The products were just as they looked in the images and also the delivery was bang on time! Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

Vini Kothari

Love their products! Especially Zodiac Scented Candles that I got for my Clients!!! Its a wonderful gift and very unique.

Hemanshu Katira

The Dog Leash is very versatile and strong. Very convenient to use and easy to carry. The best part is the accessibility to a poop bag and a torch for those late walk with your best friend in the world!!! Lastly love the very ergonomic Design and handle.

Judith Monteiro